Davydenko Anatolii

Scientific Degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences
Academic Status: Senior Researcher
Position: Leader Researcher
Contacts: Georgy Pukhov Institute for Modelling in Energy Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 15, General Naumov St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03164
tel. +38(044)424-91-63, +38(067)250-53-14
e-mail: davidenkoan@gmail.com, davydenko@ipme.kiev.ua


Participation in scientific and public organizations:

  • Member of the editorial board of the scientific publication Modeling and Information Technologies of the Institute of Modeling Problems in Energy. G.Ye. Pukhov NAS of Ukraine.
  • Member of the international organization IEEE since 2009.
  • Manager of a virtual organization for mathematical modeling in energy problems MatModEn


  • Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers, Kyiv, specialty “Automated Systems”, qualification “System Engineer”, (1981-1986);
  • Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialty “Elements and devices of computer technology”. Dissertation topic: “Development of specialized computing devices based on structural correction of number bit models”, (1990);
  • Senior researcher in the specialty 05.13.06 “Progressive Information Technologies” (2001);
  • Doctor of Technical Sciences, specialty 05.13.21 “Information Security Systems”. Dissertation topic: “Methods and models of adaptive protection and delimitation of access to distributed information resources”, (2021).

Research interests:

  • Mathematical modeling and analysis of information threats in automated systems of different classes;
  • Examination of software and hardware subsystems of protection in computer information processing systems with limited access;
  • Design of critical infrastructure management systems based on a risk-based approach;
  • Development of architectural and functional requirements for information security in distributed and high-performance computing environments;
  • The use of artificial intelligence methods in the construction of information security.


  • more than 180 published scientific works, including collective monographs, articles in domestic and international professional publications, materials and abstracts of reports at conferences, copyright certificates and patents;;
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