Project Number: 573818-EPP-1-2016-1-UK-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

The ALIOT project is being implemented with the support of the European Union under the Erasmus + program.

The main goal of the project is the development of modern theoretical and practically oriented courses for the preparation of masters (graduate students), postgraduate students and advanced training of specialists in the field of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT), in approaching universities to changes in the global labor market in the field of information and communication technologies and the world education; in providing students with insights into various job profiles in the IoT field.

The project implementation period is 3 years (from October 15, 2016 to October 14, 2019).
The project consortium includes a number of leading European educational institutions in Sweden (Royal Institute of Technology), United Kingdom (Leeds Beckett University, Newcastle University), Italy (Institute of Information Sciences & Technology of the National Research Council), Portugal (University of Coimbra).
The Ukrainian part of the consortium is represented by ten partners, including leading educational and research and production enterprises, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.
The coordinator of the project from Ukraine is the M.E. Zhukovsky National Aerospace University “KhAI”, Kharkov.

Project tasks:

• development of a multi-domain and comprehensive curriculum for IoT for graduate students in universities of Ukraine;
• introduction of a multi-domain and comprehensive IoT program for doctoral students at universities of Ukraine;
• providing a mechanism for intensive capacity building activities for teachers of partner organizations in Ukraine;
• creation of a multi-domain network of Internet of Things clusters in Ukraine. This network will provide an environment for the exchange and transfer of knowledge, as well as the mutual development of innovative research ideas and practices between the scientific and industrial sectors in the field of the Internet of Things.


• Newcastle University, UK
• Leeds Beckett University, UK
• University of Coimbra, Portugal
• Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
• Ternopil National Economic University, Ukraine
• M.E. Zhukovsky National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”, Ukraine
• Odessa National Technical University, Ukraine
• Petr Mohyla Black Sea National University, Ukraine
• Pukhov Institute for Modelling in Energy Engineering NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine
• V. Dal East Ukrainian National University, Ukraine
• Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ukraine
• IT Alliance “Education, Industry, Science”, Ukraine
• SmartME University, Ukraine

Project web site: