Department of Information Technologies for Monitoring and Control of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Objects
Directions of research and development:
1) Information systems for nuclear, radiation and environmental safety.
2) Modeling and assessing the risks of occurrence emergencies of a natural and man-made nature.
3) Geophysical monitoring and non-destructive control of the safety state of hydropower and hydrotechnical structures of facilities.
4) Use of geoinformation systems to manage the safety of the operation of energy objects.

Department of Modeling of Efficient Energy Consumption and Energy Saving
Director of the department: Pleskach Boris Mykolayovych,
Mob. (067) 901-03-34; E-mail:
Directions of research and development:
1) Modeling of energy consumption at the objects of industry, agrarian complex and housing and communal services.
2) Research and development of methods and means of assessing the efficiency of energy consumption.
3) Development of methods and means of increasing energy efficiency of enterprises.

Department of Energy Efficient Technologies
Director of the department: Ogir Olena Oleksandrivna,
Mob. 050-4433344; E-mail:
Higher education NAU. Junior Researcher, GPI EM of NASU.
Marketing Director of “Center for Energy Efficiency Construction” LLC.
Long-term experience of implementing projects on the technology of modern prefabricated construction (Slovenia).
Participated in more than 15 projects for the construction of energy-efficient facilities in Ukraine.
Directions of research and development:
1) Design and construction of new energy-efficient and passive facilities.
2) Complex reconstruction of objects, in order to optimize energy consumption.
3) Alternative energy sources.

Scientific and Production Department of Use and Security of Large Data in Cloud Infrastructure
Director of the department: Khramova Iryna Oleksandrivna,
Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Senior Researcher.
Mission: Investigation of possibilities and problems of application of innovative technologies of large data and intellectual analysis of data in combination with technologies of cloud infrastructure for realization in the various technical, ecological and social spheres of a safe environment of human existence.
Directions of research and development:
1) Analysis of large data for prediction and diagnostics of freelance (critical) situations.
2) Great data to support decision-making in virtual expert communities.
3) Migration security and the use of large data in cloud infrastructure.

Department of Large Data Technology and Information Security in Insurance Medicine
Director of the department: Dmytro Sharadkin,
Cand. Sci. (Tech), Associate Professor.
Directions of research and development:
1) Information technology exchange in cloud infrastructures.
2) IT-methods for protecting personal data.
3) Virtual consulting technologies.

Department of Grid Computing
Director of the department: Davydenko Anatoliy Mykolayovych,
Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Senior Researcher,
Tel.: +38(044)424-91-63; E-mail:
Directions of research and development:
1) Support for research in the field of mathematical and computer modeling of complex technological processes, including in the energy sector.
2) Creating Grid services.
3) Training of Grid users.