VO “Mathematical modeling of energy problems”

MathModEn is a virtual organization on mathematical modeling of energy problems. It is established as part of the Ukrainian National Grid (UNG) to support research in the field of mathematical and computer modeling of complex technological processes, including energy. Use of MatModEn resources allows the Ukrainian scientists to take part actively in the international world-level projects. MatModEn VO belongs to the Pukhov Institute for Modelling in Energy Engineering of Ukrainian NAS, hereinafter the VO Proprietor.
MatModelEnergy VO is opened for the following participants:
1. Participants of National Grid-technology development program projects concerned with use of the parallel models of technical facilities, including energy;
2. Specialists in the field of mathematical modeling, who use Grid resources for the purpose of solving of applied problems;
3. Energy Grid applications developers.

MatModelEnergy VO members are obliged to:
– Obey the UNG utilization regulations, VO Participation regulations and rules for Grid sites which support VOs,
– Use MatModelEnergy VO supporting resources only for purposes declared upon registration and within the limits of non-profit activities of state organization, which the participant belongs to,
– Obey the active legislation of Ukraine in the field of informational security, information and authorship protection.
Applications for registration will be considered only in the presence of an official letter from the participant’s organization for VO Owner. Mail address: 03164, Kiev – 164, 15, General Naumov Str. Pukhov Institute for Modelling in Energy Engineering of NASU.

Contact information:
With all questions concerning services of grid-site and getting access to them contact please hilgurt@ukr.net.