Workshop “Innovative approaches to solving environmental problems (IASEI-WS’2021)”

SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE FUTURES: ENVIRONMENTAL, TECHNOLOGICAL, SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC MATTERS will be held on May 19-21, 2021 . In the framework of this conference  on May 19, 2021 . on the basis of the State Institution “Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” will be held a workshop ” Innovative approaches to solving environmental problems (IASEI-WS’2021)”.

Scientific directions of the workshop:

  1. Environmental protection.
  2. Nuclear and radiation safety.
  3. Complex, economic and technological solutions.
  4. Problems of training and advanced training.

Conference website:

Workshop website:

Submission of materials: during registration you need to choose the seminar IASEI-WS’2021. Articles are submitted in English only. The volume of the article (6-12 pages). The submitted materials will be reviewed by four members of the program committee on the criteria of novelty, technical quality, relevance, originality, significance and transparency. The program committee uses these reviews to determine which articles will be accepted for presentation at the conference. The results of the review will be sent to the contact authors by e-mail together with comments. Performance at the workshop is possible in one of three languages ​​of the participant’s choice: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Mandatory requirements for participation in the workshop:

1. Materials must be:

  • original (not submitted to other places for simultaneous consideration);
  • presented report (at least by one of the authors);
  • correspond to the subject of IASEI-WS’2021 .

2. A maximum of two articles by one author is accepted.
3. There should not be more than five authors in one article.
4. Self-citation should not exceed 10%.

Publication . Accepted articles in English will be published in the E3S Web of Conferences (eISSN: 2267-1242 / publisher: EDP Sciences).  Payment for the article is made in the amount of 60 euros +150 hryvnias. (regardless of the number of authors). Payment for the article is made only after notification of the acceptance of the article by the program committee.

Important dates : deadline for submission of materials: December 31, 2020.

Notification of acceptance of materials: March 1, 2021.

Date of the workshop: May 19, 2021 .

Venue of the seminar: SI “Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, Ukraine, Kyiv, st. Academician Palladin 34a.

Information partners of IASEI-WS’2021: 

Contacts: Yatsyshyn Andriy Vasyliovych, + 380-66-108-39-07 , .

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